All You Can Eat Ticket


Venue Location

130 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

ALL YOU CAN EAT THEATRE! (nothing to do with food)

This season pass entitles the named person to book any show at Little Andromeda 2019, should seats at the show not already be sold out.

Theoretically you could use it to come to every single show (and we'd give you a medal!) but if you book a show you just need to actually turn up, and have ID with you. Easy.


$150 Full price, $100 Concession


Until our programme is properly launched (end of August) and while you don't know what you'll be seeing, we will be selling the All You Can Eat Tickets (AYCETS) at $120 Full Price and $70 Concession... it's a lucky dip!

For full information see below.

This event has probably been and gone!

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Running Time: Two Months

Venue Location

130 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

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Courier (signature reqd)
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Thank you so, so much for purchasing an All You Can Eat Ticket (“AYCET”). If you’re going to make it to lots and lots of shows, we can’t wait to see you at them all and hope you get great value. If you only plan on coming to a few but just thought you could spare the extra money to help us get the theatre up and running again, you are super cool and your support will go a long way. Either way, thank you!

(By the way, if you aren’t interested in attending any of our shows at all and just want to make a donation, email us directly.)


TL;DR: The code is personal to you, use it in the spirit it was intended, pls don’t try scam the system, we’ll probably notice. Thanks.

1) You will receive your own unique AYCET code via email within 48 hours. This is your own code for only you to use for your own tickets. Keep that code private, and enter it on the iTICKET website when you book tickets to Little Andromeda shows (once you have selected tickets you will see a box to enter your details in the CART page).

2) As much as we love sharing, your AYCET is for you to use only. You will be ID’d. If you want to share with a friend, buy them an AYCET of their own! (Seriously, it’d be a cool gift!)

3) If you are attending with friends, don’t worry, there is no allocated seating. It is important, however, that you book your show ticket for yourself in your own name or iTICKET account.

4) Your AYCET does not automatically grant access to a particular show; use it to book a ticket for a show either online or at the box office, subject to availability.

5) You have to turn up to the show you booked. If your ticket doesn’t get scanned in and ID’d to you more than once, then we reserve the right to cancel your AYCET or move it to manual booking. It’d be sad to see your seat empty in the audience while we turn other people away.

5a) BUT if you are sick and/or can’t attend a show you booked, that’s different, just call us as soon as you can so we can release your ticket. Easy.

6) Although an AYCET will grant you access to most events, we reserve the right to make any event a “non-AYCET” event in which case tickets must be purchased separately. This is just covering our bums a bit in case we get some out-of-the-ordinary events, and it won’t apply to any “standard” Little Andromeda show.

7) Except for the above, the AYCET covers all Little Andromeda shows between October and November 2019. If the season extends, the AYCET will expire.

8) “Concession” means Student, unwaged, child, retired... or basically if you struggle to pull cash together to get to a show.

9) You will receive your own code to enter within 48 hours of purchasing the AYCET. Treat it like a password and never tell anybody your code.

10) The AYCET is a first for us, and should we run into technical issues with people booking tickets online using the codes, or experience too much fraud, we reserve the right to revert to manual email bookings. Shouldn’t be a biggie.

11) If you have any issues using your AYCET code, just give our box office or iTICKET a call.

12) If you try but don’t manage to make the most of your AYCET, I’m sorry! You cannot get a partial refund after the fact for that reason, however if you didn’t enjoy your AYCET (or even if you did!) we would value your feedback at any stage (should we do AYCETs again? Should we do it differently?…)

13) Hopefully our AYCET project goes smoothly. But if it doesn’t, the maximum responsibility Andromeda Arts Trust Board can accept is a refund on the price you paid. The artists performing at Little Andromeda have no responsibility for any issue with the AYCET service.

14) All You Can Eat Tickets is just a fun title referring to getting a seat in a show and has nothing to do with food. If you ask us if it will count for food too, we will be happy to give you a polite laugh and pretend you’re the first one to make the joke, but it won’t count for food. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get food when you come out though! Because you totally should.

15) Hooray! You actually read the terms and conditions! You’re awesome, albeit unusual. ??

Thank you again for buying an AYCET 💜
Team Little A