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Native Peoples - Global Films

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Running Time: 29 Jun - 3 Jul 2022


Native Peoples - Global Films

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Pakipūmeka - Documentaries at MFF2022

Tote Abuelo (Grandfather)
10:30 AM, Thursday 30 June
Memorial Hall

"Tote" is an unexpected encounter between an old man who goes blind and his granddaughter who does not remember her childhood well. While the grandfather weaves a traditional hat, the threads of the family history unwind. Between two silences, it opens the possibility of understanding the meaning of "love" in Tsotsil.

Our Story - The Indigenous Led Fight to Protect Greater Chaco
12:30 PM, Thursday 30 June
Memorial Hall

90% of the available lands in the Greater Chaco have already been leased for oil and gas extraction. Our Story tells the story of the struggle to protect what little remains of this sacred landscape, including the World Heritage Site Chaco National Historical Park in the SW United States.

Spirit of the Peaks
2:30 PM, Thursday 30 June
Memorial Hall

Caught between athletic passion and cultural obligation, a Hunkpapa Lakota skier learns to be a better relative to the mountains where he skis and to the people who once called them home.

Spirit of the Peaks screens with music video, MISSING YOU

Dancing Through
2:30 PM, Friday 1 July
Civic Theatre

After being diagnosed with cancer at 33 years old, Madelaine finds strength in the power of traditional dance to guide her path to recovery. 

Dancing Through screens with music video, ROOTED.

6:30 PM, Friday 1 July
Civic Theatre

Entrepreneur, impresario, entertainer, activist. Opera singer Tiriki Onus thought he knew his charismatic grandfather Bill until an unearthed 70-year old silent film reel suggests he might have been the first-ever Aboriginal filmmaker. As Tiriki journeys across the continent and chases down myriad leads about his grandfather, a compelling untold story of activism, resistance, and politically driven art-making unfolds. A dark tale with all the intrigue of the best detective fiction.

1:30 PM, Saturday 2 July
Memorial Hall

For over 400 years the Saysiyat people have practised paSta'ay, a ritual woven of respect, resentment, and love to soothe hatred, resolve conflicts and bless relationships.

Rohe Koreporepo
5:00 PM, Saturday 2 July
Memorial Hall

Our swamps will dig us out of the looming environmental disasters we face. Sixty kaitiaki throughout Aotearoa NZ plant and restore our old intimate relationships with Rohe Kõreporepo, our sacred places.

Odisea Amazonica
10:30 AM, Sunday 3 July
Civic Theatre

Cargo boats form a non-lieu, a space of transition for the travelers taking journeys that can last days, as well as for the Indigenous communities living on the edges of the Amazon River, fighting for the survival of their cultural traditions and struggling to adapt to modernity.

Precious Leader Woman
12:00 PM, Sunday 3 July
Civic Theatre

Olympic snowboarder Spencer O’Brien dedicated her life to becoming a world champion. Until an unexpected diagnosis changed everything. Precious Leader Woman tells Spencer’s story from childhood to the world stage, revealing how her Indigenous heritage played a role in her journey to surmount the impossible.

Precious Leader Woman screens with music video Nau Mai e Ka Hua and short film R.E.M Burn.

Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy
1:30 PM, Sunday 3 July
Civic Theatre

Follow filmmaker Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers as she creates an intimate portrait of her community and the impacts of the substance use and overdose epidemic. Witness the change brought by community members with substance-use disorder, first responders and medical professionals as they strive for harm reduction in the Kainai First Nation.

Closing Night Screening: Whetū Marama
6:30 PM, Sunday 3 July
Memorial Hall

What Sir Edmund Hillary did in conquering Everest, Sir Hekenukumai Busby has done in reclaiming the lost art of traditional M?ori voyaging, sailing the vast Pacific navigating by the stars – restoring the past to carve our way into the future.

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