Building the ADHDvantage

Building the ADHDvantage

ADHD New Zealand invites you to attend the ADHD Conference & Roadshow in October 2017

With our goal of advancing those in the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) community in New Zealand, ADHD New Zealand brings to you “Building the ADHDvantage” - a conference to support and inform parents and adults living with ADHD, as well as teachers and specialists.

By joining us you'll get:

  • Greater awareness and education of ADHD 
  • Factual information on ADHD
  • Understand what proper assessment and multimodal treatment of ADHD by trained professionals means, and
  • Understand the resources required for assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults.

Join us in a region near you to spread the facts and provide insight and opportunity to children and adults living with ADHD in New Zealand.

Join us in a Region near you!