DeLonghi Coffee Appreciation Month

DeLonghi Coffee Appreciation Month
Find out during Coffee Appreciation Month

New Zealand is the land of the Flat Whites and Lattes - purveyors of some of the world's best coffees, though as a nation we don't celebrate this prominent culture.  That is, until now.
It's the inaugural Coffee Appreciation Month (CAM) and thanks to De'Longhi, in October New Zealand can celebrate our nation's love of the versatile bean-based beverage.
The caffeinated action takes place primarily in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch where De'Longhi is organising a range of activities. They include coffee master classes, product sampling and a free coffee if you happen on the right cafe. 
And in advance of the coffee celebrations, De'Longhi has released the results of a survey which both confirm and counter commonly held beliefs about our love affair with the humble coffee bean.
For example, and perhaps surprisingly, more than three quarters of those surveyed drink coffee for the taste - and apparently our tastes vary considerably throughout the nation.
The fine citizens of Otago prefer flat whites and instant coffee - is there a Scottish heritage at play there? If you're in Hawkes Bay you're more likely to hang out for a cappuccino. Manawatu / Wanganui is the home of the latte whereas Aucklanders actually shun the larger and milkier espresso preferring the flat white.
De'Longhi marketing manager Davina Gray-Ebbett says the regional preferences highlight the wide choices available to Kiwi coffee lovers.
'We recognise New Zealand has a very strong espresso coffee culture,' she says. 'Coffee Appreciation Month is designed to bring that culture to life in practical and instructive ways and to enable people to broaden their attitudes to what after all is a very versatile seed.'
The De'Longhi survey reveals one quarter of respondents are drinking more coffee than they were two years ago, Ms Gray-Ebbett says.
'But while we're drinking more, eight out of 10 of us still aren't aware of other ways to use coffee - for aroma, in cooking or cocktails, even as a garden fertiliser and beauty product. 
'So one of the aims of Coffee Appreciation Month is to spread the word about how coffee is much more than an enjoyable beverage.'
To that end, during CAM De'Longhi is running a series of four coffee master classes at its Auckland showroom. Each one focuses on a different use for or aspect of coffee - including coffee inspired cocktails with leading bartenders from Britomart Hospitality, coffee-inspired cooking classes with Non Solo Pizza's Antonio Crisci and classes around the power of scent with renowned perfumer, Yves Dombrowsky.
And there are opportunities at selected cafes in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch where you could find yourself being served a free coffee.
Aucklanders should also keep an eye out for coffee sampling teams which will take place in high foot traffic areas throughout October.
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