Hey Peeps,

Here is it, my personal selection of great events coming up soon, in fact 3 of them are this weekend! If hip-hop is your thing then you simply must get aong to the End of an Era and Fu & Zen, who sadly close their doors forever after the weekend.

Basement Fest has been going strong now for a wee while, a great variety of quality, edgy and downright hilarious shows, such as Cori Gonzales-Macuer who has just two shows left to go. As seen on 7Days and A Night At The Classic, Cori's deadpan and cynical look at comedy has been wowing audiences worldwide for the last few years.

Next weekend its time for the annual Armageddon Expo! This year a four day spectacular of gaming, film, TV, media, comics, sci-fi, animation, skateboarding, Wrestling and Paintball.

Anyway, enough said, please check out my highlights below, but whatever you decide to do this long weekend make sure you have a good one and GO THE ALL BLACKS!

Ciao for Now!

Hannah x

Events not to be missed!