Mum Jokes 2.0 with Rebecca Keil

      In 2019 Rebecca birthed “Mum Jokes” into the world and now shes back with Mum Jokes 2.0 as she has since welcomed her third bundle of Joy and destruction Agapanthus. Rebecca Keil’s Mum Jokes 2.0 is a stand up comedy show compromising a collection of her raw and real mothering moments.


      Has your seven year old ever very innocently asked to say one quick and quiet ‘F word’ and then proceed to yell CUNT at the top of her lungs and then act genuinly shocked when you are like what the hell just happened?


      No? Well then this might not be the show for you, or it might be just what you need to  escape your sweet little swearer and the daily grind that is parenting. 


      Grab your pals and come along with an extra panty liner well secured to hopefully laugh your tired little hearts out.

      Oh no!

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