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      Australasia's #1 Haunted Attraction Scream Park! Based in the former Kingseat Pshyciatric Hospital in Kingseat. Offering our famous Haunted House, Freak'n Awesome scares, Freaky Forest, CornEvil, Disturbia in 3D. 

      Spookers is a live entertainment experience in which the victims move through a theatrically themed Haunted House environment populated by sets, props and live scare-actors. As the victims walk through the experience they will encounter visual, tactile and sound effects intended to scare them. (Many of these effects were created with the support of Weta Workshops of Lord of the Rings and King Kong fame.)

      Since 2005 hundreds of thousands of victims have been scared speechless by the creative design, amazing makeup, special effects and jaw dropping action. There is nothing else like Spookers anywhere in Australasia, and it leaves attractions in America wishing that they too could have Halloween fear all year round.